The Curse

>> Tuesday, June 10, 2014

During my training period at one of the buildings I managed, a long time resident passed away.

Shortly after, her husband passed away as well. 

It was very sad. 

Several weeks later, after the apartment was cleared out, I started the renovations. 
I was able to rent the apartment quickly, to a girl, who I thought was going to be a great tenant. 
This tenant not only lied on her application, she had made a career out of ripping off Landlords. 
Every. Single. Night. Someone's car was broken into, neighbors were calling CPS on her, she had guys coming and going all day long from her apartment. We served an eviction, she requested a jury trail, my boss paid her to leave because she was causing so much trouble. 

What happened next can be found here. 

She moved out. 

I re-rented the apartment to what I thought was a very nice older woman. 
The day after she moved in, she walked into my office with little baggies of cocaine, that she had found under a broken board in the closet. 
She then proceeded, to complain every single day that she lived there. 
My phone would ring around 10 a.m. and she would go on and on about how she wanted new lights, how she deserves a new door...basically she believed that we should rip down each wall and rebuild her a Four Seasons quality apartment. 
We did not renew her lease and she moved. 

Then, these people moved in. 

Once they moved out...

I came to the logical conclusion that this apartment was cursed. 
That it was haunted by the former tenants, and all those that lived there would undoubtedly drive me crazy. 

I became extra cautious, doing a thorough background check(including all social media accounts) on any tenant who wanted to rent that apartment. 
I finally found someone who I believed to be perfect.
This tenant had good credit, good references and all social media profiles appeared harmless. 

I also had a new tenant, who was moving in shortly before the above tenant, come in and say she wanted to bless her apartment before she moved-in. I may have asked her to stop by the cursed apartment and bless that one as well. 

I moved in the tenant. 
This new tenant was very quiet, super clean, respectful and all around a wonderful. 

One day, I had locked myself out of my apartment. 
Yeah, it happens to apartment managers too, except we can't call the apartment manager when that happens. 
I knew how to get into the office.
It was a bit of a procedure, that started with removing the screen off the window next to the desk, then I wedged a stick into the window and pried it open, because the lock was weak on that window, then I proceeded to crawl in. 
Well, as I was crawling in I saw this new tenant, I smiled and waved and proceeded to break into the office. 

Two weeks later, at 2 a.m. the alarm went off. 
My husband turned into GI Joe with his flashlight and shot gun and creeped out to the office in his undies.  
I trailed behind him, half asleep with the phone. 
The office was empty and so was the lobby. 
We looked around some more and then turned to leave. 
It was then that I noticed that the window next to the desk was open. 
The same window I had used. 
But whoever opened it, left in a hurry, because the alarm sounds like six foghorns blaring directly into your ear. 
Lucky, this thief left all kinds of fingerprints. 

Well, you can guess what happened. 

The curse lives on. 

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