What Dog?

>> Friday, May 23, 2014

I had a tenant move out.

My boss came to walk the property and we decided to inspect this newly vacated unit. 
We walk in, the apartment looks pretty good, a little paint and cleaning was all that was needed. 
We walk out to the patio, looks good. 
We then look down into the patio of the apartment below, and stare directly at a little brown dog. 
This is a no pet property. 

Of course, we make exceptions for service animals. 
And I mean any animals. 
I once had a guy come in with a miniature horse that was his service pet. 
Who knew?

Moving on...

Of course, my boss looks at me and wants to know why a tenant has a dog. 
I answered with, "Uh, ummmm, gee, not sure?"
I grab my phone.
I scroll through and find the tenant's number. 
I call her. 

Me: "Hi this is Erin, I am calling you because this is a no pet property and you have a dog."

Tenant: "No I don't."

Me: "I am staring at it right now."

Tenant: "I don't have a dog, and why are you in my apartment?"

Me: "I am not in your apartment, I am upstairs in the vacant apartment. You'll need to get rid of the dog right away or I'll have to give you a 3-Day Notice to Vacate."

Tenant: "But I don't have a dog."

Mentally slaps forehead. 

That night I get a phone call...

Tenant's "lawyer" daughter: "My mom is so upset because she has to get rid of her dog. I have looked over the lease several times and it does not say that she can't have it." 

Me: "It says NO PETS allowed, in the first page of the lease."

She continued to argue with me for almost 30 painful minutes about how her mom is legally allowed to keep her dog, and then switched back to the fact that she doesn't even have one. 

I served the mom a notice. 
She said she got rid of the dog that she didn't have. 
I walked to the back of the property two weeks later. 
I saw this tenant strolling to the laundry rooms with a basket full of dirty clothes, and her little dog trailing behind her. 
So, I followed her into the laundry room. 

Me: "You told me you got rid of your dog. This is a no pet property." 

Tenant: "I don't have a dog."

Dog: "Woof" 

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