The Sad Ceiling Fan

>> Thursday, September 25, 2014

This is the saddest, and grossest, ceiling fan that I have ever seen. 
This was submitted by Sinead G. 

"I am an Assistant Community Manager of a 432 unit property and loving every day of this insane career.

This resident had gone home for the summer (student) and called the day before returning to ask maintenance to turn on his a/c... so it would be nice and cold when he arrived.(side note: You are a very nice manager) 

The maintenance team quickly opened and closed the door to call a hazmat team. All of the photos were taken by the hazmat team, I can't claim them! There was a pinhole leak in a hot water pipe. He was downstairs, so the water and heat of the summer created this masterpiece of a property management nightmare. Our maintenance team informed us (months later) that his photo is now used as the beginning slide of the "Mold Remediation" course PowerPoint they attend annually."

Thanks for sharing Sinead G. 

Now, I've seen black mold, but I can't say that I've seen the gold and reddish beads before. 
It looks looks rather festive. 
In a barfy kind of way. 

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