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>> Monday, March 11, 2013

One day I was sitting at my desk when a woman comes in asking for Ms. Pimfa(see below post).
Of course for safety reasons I can't say who lives there.
However, this woman knew Ms. Pimfa's address and apartment number but was unaware of where exactly her apartment was located in the complex.
Which you would think would be obvious since apartment numbers are usually in order.
You know apartment 1, apartment 2 apartment 3....so on.
But in this complex they are not in any logical order.
Apartment 33 is next to apartment 61 and apartment 71 is between apartment 5 and apartment 6.
It was built in the 70's and there was a lot of "stuff" floating around in the 70's.
This is the only explanation I can come up....

"Yo Man I hung all these numbers on the doors like you said" the foreman says as he takes a puff of his apple. 

"Good job man but yo you forgot some doors. Here take these extra numbers and stick them on there. No one will notice" The contractor says as he hikes up his bell bottoms runs a hand through his afro and discos his way over to his VW beetle. 

Then the foreman moonwalks....oops sorry wrong era....does the shuffle back to the doors and starts hanging up random numbers. It probably didn't seem like a big deal at the time what with war protests and Osmondmania(which believe it or not is an actual word! Google it) going on.  But fast forward 30 years later and you have a confused pubescent pizza delivery boy who looks like he has had a few apples himself standing in the middle of the courtyard with a pizza trying to figure out why apartment 62 is not between apartment 61 and 63. 


I was going somewhere with this post I swear



Oh yes!  

Found it! It was hiding in that scary part of my brain where I keep Kevin memories childbirth stories and folding laundry reminders. 

Ms. Pimfa

Turns out this woman now standing in my office is Ms. Pimfas previous landlord. According to her landlord Ms. Pimfa owed two months rent because not only did Ms. Pimfa not give a notice she was moving out but she one month behind on rent anyways. 
So Ms. Pimfas previous landlord was now looking for Ms. Pimfa so she could serve her with a notice to appear in small claims court, 
When I asked her why she didn't have the court serve the notice she said that they tried to serve her three different times but couldn't locate her apartment number. 
Luckily this landlord seemed to be a pretty sharp cookie and instantly noticed the map of the property I keep at the front desk for deliveries and spotted Ms Pimfas apartment and headed right back without me saying a single word. 
Later that day Ms. Pimfa comes in all upset and wants me to change her locks. 


"Because my old Landlord is threatening me and stalking me."

"How is she threatening and stalking you?"

"She is crazy she has so many issues. I was a little late with rent and she kept threatening me saying she was going to kick me out and throw me on the streets if I didn't pay her the rent and now she shows up here today and tries to give me some papers. She is crazy."

"Well does she have a key to your apartment?"


"Then why do you need me to change your locks?"

"Because she is crazy and threatening me. She says that if I don't pay her the money then she is going to take me to court."

"So just so I have this all straight. Your landlord who you owe money to was going to kick you out of the house that she owns because you didn't want to pay her the rent you agreed on when you moved in? And she is stalking you know by serving you with court papers?"

"I told you she is crazy."

"You understand that if you don't pay rent here you wont be able to live here anymore either, right?"

With that she throws her hands up in the air says something about how everyone is crazy and pointless...blah blah blah.


And her landlord is the crazy one. 

PS-Turns out that they went to court and the landlord won her case.

PPS-Ms. Pimfa didn't pay me rent the following month

PPPS-This has nothing to do with apartment managing but as a mother of twins I thought it was hilarious and wanted to share. 


M&MMommy March 11, 2013 at 12:42 PM  

You really are hilarious. I am dying to know the name of the complex you used to manage. I know it's in Orange County.
And I am a twin mom too! And my hands are always full!

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