The resourceful Ms. Pimfa

>> Friday, March 8, 2013

There are times when perspective tenants seem completely normal when you are going through the application process then you move them in and...
They go nutty.

Then there are times when a perspective tenant seems a little off and you know they are going to be a pain in your butt but you rent to them anyways because it's better than a vacancy.

This was the case when I rented to Ms. PIMFA (pain in my freaking aaaaaahhhh!)

I must have really wanted to rent this apartment.
Or I like to torture myself.
Either way....

Ms. Pimfa moves in and after only two months she comes barging into my office.
Ms. Pimfa was barely taller than the counter that separated us and she slammed her hands down on the counter making sure I knew that she was upset.
Now I already had a notebook filled with complaints from MS. Pimfa and just the sound of her name sent shivers of annoyance down my spine.

"What do you want?" I say not trying to hide the irritated tone in my voice. I already have my pen in hand ready to take note of the whatever neighbor stared at her wrong this week.

"What do I want? I want my electricity back on."

"Your electricity is off?"

"Yes go turn it back on. How am I supposed to live like this? I have medication I need to take and I can't do it without electricity. This is illegal you are taking away my rights as a tenant. I don't have heat and I can't use any of my appliances......"

She went on and on...
And why she needed heat in the dead of summer was beyond me.

"Well, did you check your circuit breaker?"


"Well you should check it to make sure that you didn't blow a circuit. If you did then you simply need to just flip the switch and then it will come back on."

I then followed Ms. Pimfa back to her apartment and showed her the circuit breaker and everything looked normal but in deed her electricity was off.


I go to the apartment to the right and they had power and then the apartment to the left and they had power as well.
Finally it hits me.

"Did you pay your electric bill this month?"

She rolled her eyes and replied "No." as if that was question was irrelevant to the current situation.

"Call Edison and pay your bill and they will turn it back on. This has nothing to do with me." and I walk back to my office.

Not ten minutes later I get a call from a tenant in the back of the property informing me that Ms. Pimfa is trying to open the electric panels in the back. I throw the phone down and go running to the back to find Ms. Pimfa trying to open the Edison box with a butter knife.

You know because mixing electricity with a butter knife didn't seem like the best idea.
But I'm no genius.

Slap head in pure disbelief.

"Ms. Pimfa you can't open that it's locked by Edison."

"I need my electricity back on! I need to take my medication."

I finally convince Ms. Pimfa her plan of attack on the Edison Meter with a butter knife probably wouldn't fix her current problem. I ask her what she needs to take her medication and she refuses to tell me.
I reiteriate that if she paid her bill she would in fact have electricity.
Crazy concept

Fast forward to the next day and I get a complaint from a tenant that non of the washing machines in the back are working.
I go back to check it out.
Well first off I immediately knew why non of them were working.
They were all unplugged.
Not sure why the tenant that called me couldn't figure that one out since it was incredibly obvious.
Since all the plugs were now filled.
The first set of plugs had an iPhone charger and laptop charger.
The second set of plugs had a toaster and coffee pot.
Then there was a power cord that stretched....kid you not...from the laundry room to Ms. Pinfa apartment which was across the courtyard.
I thought I had seen it all.
I was wrong.
Why the tenants only noticed that the laundry machine was broken and not the cord going across the courtyard is beyond me.

I had to give Ms. Pimfa a 3 day notice to stop being a pain in the butt.
She finally paid her bill.
Didn't stop her from being a pain in my butt.

PS-I am still not sure what her medication she needed electricity was, but I offered several times for her to come up to the office to use whatever electricity she needed for her medication but she declined every single time.


Amy Kay March 8, 2013 at 3:19 PM  

I love that your back at this again.
Favorite blog ever!

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