>> Monday, May 31, 2010

My husband and I were standing out front of the property stretching for a run.
It was a nice peaceful day.
We were commenting on how quiet our little street is.
Then all of a sudden a guy in his early 20's comes storming out from the next door property.
He goes right for his car that happens to be parked right in front of where we were standing.
As he is entering his car his girlfriend/wife/baby momma(we never really identified her status)comes storming out after him yelling every curse word I have ever heard of and some.
Then he starts the car.
THEN she runs and decides to SIT on his hood with her feet on the ground.
Did she think she could stop the car?
So he starts itching forward and she still stands there with her butt on the hood and her feet on the ground.
The buy continues to rev his engine and I give my husband the "do something look" and he gives me the " I ain't crossing that crazy chick" look.
He then goes forward and she moves out of the way and as he is turning she jumps on the BACK of his car.
My husband then moves forward because you know he is a trained Dentist and he could probably be of some assistance if she broke a tooth or something.
He then peels off and speeds down the street and she picks up her phone apparently calling him and starts screaming "I can't believe you BLEEPING left!"
(I can)
She must be taking notes from this guys book of etiquette.

PS-I saw the same couple making out in the same car just one week later.


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