Prank Calls

>> Monday, November 25, 2013

Go to this site, about halfway down are a series of prank calls to apartment managers. My favorite is the meth lab. I think every apartment manger has dealt with at least one meth lab. Me, I've had two.
Meaning two I've dealt with, not two that I have personally owned and operated two.
Just to clarify, mom.

I once got a call from a young woman asking the price on our two bedroom apartments.
After I told her, she went on to ask how much our NSF charge was. (non sufficient funds)
I had to pull the phone away, cover the receiver and laugh.
After I composed myself, I asked the caller why she needed to know that, was she planning on bouncing her rent check?
She replied with "Sometimes."
Was that a prank call?
I doubt it, since the woman showed up later that day to look at the apartment.
Which is why I am sure these apartment managers had no problem believing the caller.

I also love the sand in the toilet prank.

I could write a book about the random objects that have been flushed down the toilets.
It would be around 62,000 words accompanied by pictures, and I would title it

As a matter of fact, I think I'll get started on that.
Chapter one would be this story. 

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