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>> Wednesday, March 6, 2013

It was the middle of the night and I was sleepily walking down the stairs to go turn down the heater. As I make my way down I suddenly slip and fall the remainder of the steps. Once I land at the bottom I asses any damages that might have happened to my now very awake body. I look up and instantly find what caused my rapid decendt down the stairs.

A freakin Hot Wheels car.

That was it.
I lost it.
The next morning I grabbed a giant box and put in the hallway between my older kids two rooms.
I said I wanted this boxed filled to the top with toys that they no longer use.
I also said that if I find a toy on the stairs it is mine.
It was a painful process for all invovled especially myself as my kids parted with toys that they never played with.
Suddenly each toy was "my favorite" or "I love it so much"
I dealt with this endlessly as an Apartment Manager.
Useless crap Goodwill wouldn't even touch was now worth thousands once I asked them to remove that item or I had my maintenance man remove it for them.
A bag of trash now holds sentimental value because your apartment manager thew it out. 

Submitted by Kathryn T

I have a tenant who decided to start a garden. Which is nice and all except they decided to put all the pots of plants outside of their front door. I asked them to move it to their back patio and she finally did after a few weeks of letters, phone calls and personal conversations.
Problem solved.
So I thought.
A few weeks ago I am walking the property and see that she had placed these potted "plants" because they were really just dead branches of what looked like tomato plants outside her door again. I asked her to please dispose of them. She said she would. A week went by and they were still there. So I just grab them all and toss them. They were in plastic pots that were dirty and cracked.
When I recived this tenants rent this month I find that she is $75 short. SEVENTY-FIVE dollars short!  She enclosed a letter saying

I will not be paying the reminder of my rent because you threw out my personal property without asking.

So those dead tomato plants and cracked plastic pots you can buy at Dollar Tree are now worth $75?
On what planet?
Needless to say we gave her a 3 day notice. 

Submitted by Bethany S.

We're not allowed to have grills anywhere on the property, of course it's in the lease and rule book that all residents must sign.
(not that anyone reads those...insert eye roll)
I just took over management at my apartment complex and to make sure that even though I am young I can do my job  my second week working I send out the proper notice to all residents that they need to get rid of their grills or I would do it for them.
(of course in more "professional" terms)
Nobody does anything....great now I have all these grills I have to throw away.
I get the nasty calls of course,but after the first day it's calmed down.

First of the month, RENT TIME!
one of the owners of a grill comes in to pay her rent, I'll call her Betty.
Betty starts to tell me how her fire pit(and yes it was huge!)had been stolen.
Really stolen??
So I tell Ms. Betty that she had been given proper notice blah blah blah....and it was disposed of.
This is a week after I had thrown it out and she's just now noticing it's gone.
So she leaves the office saying "Well that just really ticks me off"
Whatever. At least she didn't get too upset.

Next day Ms. Betty walks through my door saying I was going to replace her fire pit.
uhmm not I'm not.
We argue back and forth for a bit and then she tells me I'll be hearing from her lawyer about this.
I'm sure you have a lawyer when your complaining about a $15 fire pit you're not allowed to have here.
Of course I make sure to tell her to have a GREAT DAY as she's leaving using every curse word in the book.


Victor March 6, 2013 at 10:33 AM  

I really want to submit a story how do I do this?

Megan Santon March 6, 2013 at 10:39 AM  

I used to manage a self storage unit and whenever someone would miss payments we would put their items in storage up for auction essentially. The people that wouldn't pay were often those that had the most junk in their unit. But as soon as we would break that lock and get rid of their things they suddenly had thousand and thousands of dollars worth of sentimental items in there. I once had to appear in small claims court over vintage cassette tapes. But they were really just old cassettes of Paula Abdul and some country singers. Worth nothing. But he wanted $1,000 for them. Happiest day of my life when I quit that job!

Lomr March 11, 2013 at 10:25 AM  

Can't tell you how many times I almost broke by neck tripping on my kids toys.

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