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>> Friday, February 15, 2013

I retired.
It was a glorious day.
I had sent out a notice to all tenants informing them that I was done and moving on.
It seemed that in general no one was phased by this declaration of departure.
I did have a few tenants bring me gifts of well wishes. 
I posted a notice on the office door two weeks prior explaining that the office would be closed all day on the Saturday I was moving.
I also passed out notices explaining that the office would be closed on that day.

Moving day came and I was overwhelmed with just how much crap we had shoved into our little two bedroom apartment and garage.
 It took hours of loading up boxes and furniture.
I was coming out of my apartment with a load of boxes when two tenants come up to me and say
"Can we please sit down and talk about our lease we have some question because we are wanting to move."
Um, gee are the five moving guys and boxes in my hand completely invisiable.
Not to mention the giant Uhaul taking up most of the parking lot. 
Sure let me stop right here in the middle of moving and sit down with you right now.
I explained that I couldn't because I was moving that day.
They both rolled their eyes obviously completely annoyed and asked if I would be in the office the next day.
I then reiterated the fact that I was moving and would no longer be the manager.
Again they rolled their eyes completely annoyed by this and asked for my bosses number because they thought this was completely ridiculous how unaccommodating I was.
I gladly informed them that they could come in Monday and complain to the new manager all they wanted.
Did I mention my Mother in Law took over as manager?
She is a lot nicer than I am.

It was an interesting four years working as an apartment manager.
The Monday after I had retired I woke up feeling about a thousand pounds lighter. As if I had the weight of the world on my shoulders and it was so nicely lifted and I could breath freely again.
Dare I say I was slightly bored the first couple of weeks.
With four small children that is saying something.
However one night about 10pm I get a call on my cell.
When I checked the number I could see it was our security guard at the apartments.
I answered.
I couldn't help myself.
The security gaurd informed me that the building was on fire!
The entire back building was up in flames and the fire department had to be called and was hosing down the building form the parking lot.
I first reminded him that I was no longer the manager.
He knew this but couldn't get a hold of the new manager.
I hung up with him and called my friend who still lived at the complex in that back building that was now up in flames. When she answered she sounded casual and not stressed. I asked if they were okay and she said she was. I asked about the fire and she informed me that they were just sitting down and watching a movie and if the building were on fire she surely would have noticed. They looked out their window and didn't see any smoke or flames but noted that there was in fact a fire truck.
I hung up with them and called my mother in law the now new manager.
She answered right away and told me that someone had put out a cigarette in a potted plant on their balcony. It caused a little smoke and someone called 911 but a cup of water put out the fire right away.
So we went from the entire building up in flames and the fire department hosing down the destruction to a little smoke from a plant put out by a glass of water.
Ooooh how I miss this job.
(note sarcasm)


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