>> Monday, May 17, 2010

Have I mentioned that we have "secuity patrol" here?
If I haven't well....we have security patrol at night.
I use the term secuirity very losely.
Because aparantly if they witness a crime the only thing they are allowed to do is call the police.
Which is what most people would do if they saw a crime, right?
Well most people.
But not me
I have a big mouth, and a short man complex even though I am relatively tall.
These combination's tend to get me in a whole lot of trouble.
Like the time when I was on the high school basketball team and was talking some mad smack to the other team until after the game a group followed me into the bathroom to help me eat my words. Luckily the coach walked in before they could help me with that only to find me locked in the stall in the fetal position with my fingers in my ear. So yeah, basically I am all talk.
Anyways...I digress....I was going somewhere with this...hmmmm.
Oh yes I remember.
So we have a "security patrol" or "service patrol' whatever you like to to call it. I decided that our company was overpriced and unproductive
(a very compelling combination)
So I started looking into other companies to sit in their cars listening to their iPods and get paid.
Upon calling around I found a company who's rates were incredibly reasonable.
The OWNER came out to give me an estimate.
When the gentleman arrived he inquired about an apartment.
I told him we had an apartment open and showed him.
I didn't actually think he was serious but merely trying a sales tactic.
He left me with an estimate and then came back two days later with two applications for him and his wife.
It all seemed fine and dandy...but since I am on here telling this story you know it wasn't.
His credit...crap.
BUT what the real jaw dropper was the fact that he had GRAND THEFT AUTO.
The man who owns a company that protects peoples cars.
AND apparently cars aren't the only thing he loves stealing.
He also had a few counts of petty theft on there as well.
HOLY flip.
I was speechless.
Which happens is a rare occasion.
Needless to say I chose a different company.


Anonymous May 17, 2010 at 7:53 PM  

LOL......Typical. I like it when we have a car break in and the next day I have a security company come by to offer services because they had heard we had a few break ins.........yeah! HMMMMMM I wonder who was behind that one. I also have figured out that these criminals shop the property. They usually are girls who shop for the boys themselves. How do I figure that?, Well when they ask me where the cameras are and how often security patrols (which I don't have one; just me and my maintenance tech) and when they are paying more attention to the cars and ask how my security gates work.......I kind of know what's up; especially when I notice them leave in a honda with a car full of boys. Most usually right after that my residents notice the gates aren't working and the wires cut. Scandulous.

Karen May 18, 2010 at 10:39 AM  

I guess it was lucky he was looking for an apartment!

Maybe his criminal past made him that much better at his job...?

resident evil :D August 12, 2010 at 6:20 PM  

Really, a criminal background check is helpful but people have gotten around using their real names or DOB. I often look at their next of kin or personal contact info on their application and run a check on them. It works. They often turn out to be thugs. I do this when I suspect the tenant isn't a 100% w/ me.

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