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>> Saturday, November 14, 2009

About two years ago I had a nightmare of a tenant. I will save the dramatics of the situation for a later day. Let me just say the FBI still comes around looking for this ex-tenant. It still sends shivers down my spin thinking about it...(brrrrr). Anyways.

I started getting some complaints from her neighbors about a horrible smell coming from her back patio. They said they could not keep their back windows open because the stench was so overpowering.

Knowing this tenant all to well, and with the understanding that we were in the process of eviction, I thought there had to be a few dead bodies back there. So I felt that I needed to look into the situation. It was a lower unit with a rather large patio with really high fences. The only way that I could see into her patio was to actually climb on top of the carports and look down. Which I did, with my camera in tow.

As I got to the top I too was overcome with the stench, a stench being a mother myself, I quickly recognized. Even though I knew what the stench was there was nothing that could prepared me for what I was about to see. Sitting there on her patio was a pile of diapers that was about three feet deep and about four feet wide. It was a giant heap of every diaper she had changed in her 3 months of living there.


I snapped a few pictures of the diapers and a few of the drug paraphernalia laying next to the pile of poo. As well as a few of this tenant standing next to her poo pile flipping me the bird, oh and smoking a cigarette while holding her infant. I cringed at the thought of what the inside of her apartment looked like and cringed even more about the thought of her accidentally tossing a cigarette into the poo pile.



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