Evict Me Please

>> Tuesday, November 3, 2009

About a year ago a tenant, whom was a very nice guy, came in and asked me if he could ask me for a favor...which I always find funny when people ask if they can ask for a favor instead of asking if you can ask, why don't you just ask and save yourself the extra question...sigh...oh sorry I digress.

Anyways, this tenant comes in and asks me if I would please evict him.
He then explained that money was tight and he needed to dip into his 401K in order to make rent. I guess the fastest way to get the money without having to wait a certain amount of days is if it's an emergency, and being evicted is an emergency.

I guess I was a little perplexed by the situation. Here I had a great tenant who had lived here for almost 20 years asking me to evict him. Hmmm. I explained that in order for me to evict him I would have to wait for him to be at least 3 days past his rent and then I would have to pay our lawyer to file an eviction against him. All the while he would be accruing late fees and lawyer fees.

I asked him if he could at least pay partial rent that day and pay the rest in payments through out the month. I would rather deal with late payments then to have a vacancy and the costs of turning over a 20 year old apartment. He told me that he could pay me a partial payment and give me the rest around the 15 of the month. Which sounded a lot more...oh I don't know...whats the word...smart, yes that 's the word. It sounded a lot more smart than to go through an eviction process.

The next day he wrote me a check for the rent minus $200 dollars. Really?? You wanted to be evicted to dip into your 401K for $200 bucks?!?
The best part is that three weeks later UPS dropped off a big box for them that said XBox 360 on it.


Am I the only person who believes that paying for the roof over your head is more important than games/purses/cars/presents??? Honestly? What is the point of having a Xbox if you have no place to plug it into??


Anonymous February 15, 2010 at 10:00 AM  

I had a lady evicted and after her "move out" i walked her apartment to find STUFF everywhere. If she opened her door and had a garage sale she could have raised enough money to pay for a year lease in full. She left brand new shoes, purses, clothes..all with tags. And Im not talking WALMART stuff either!

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