She is volatile

>> Saturday, October 31, 2009

My friend who manages a few complexes in a popular beach town called me this morning to tell me this story that was to good to not share.

At 11.38pm she received a message on her answer machine from one of her tenants. This particular tenant starts the usual I am sorry to call so late, then goes into explain how his girlfriend and him got in a fight over his 8 year old son. Apparently his baby's momma was supposed to take his son this weekend but backed out at the last minute and because of this his girlfriend is kicking him out of his apartment. (Yes, it makes perfect sense to call your apartment manager at 11:38pm to tell her about your baby momma drama?? Honestly)

Apparently explaining his relationship woes wasn't his main purpose for calling. He then goes into how he would like my friend, his manager to come with him to get his stuff because his girlfriend is and I quote volatile 

Seriously?!? What makes him think that his manager would want to go near his volatile girlfriend. Especially since the first description of the word volatile is having the ability to fly. ????

So to all of those renters out there, if your girlfriend is flying around and trying to kick you out of your apartment due to baby momma drama you should probably call the police or a exorcist, possibly Jerry Springer but don't call your manager. That, believe it or not is not part of our job description.

Happy Halloween!

Thank D for sharing your crazy tenants with me 


AmyKay November 2, 2009 at 7:07 PM  

This blog is hilarious!

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