I will sew you

>> Monday, October 26, 2009

I had a tenant who lived here for three months, he would have lived here longer but he decided to try and sneak a dog in. Not just any dog but a 70 lb lab. So they had to move. When I did my apartment inspection with them I told them that they were going to have to pay for paint. They were very upset by this. Which had me perplexed because they had made holes all over the walls and decided to paint some sort of random mural on their bathroom ceiling. Did they think they could do that and not have to pay for it???? Honestly.

So they move out and I have the place painted and send them their deposit back minus the painting charges. He then sends me a wonderful email and I must share my favorite part with you...

"you are a lazie good for nothing manager who does not do hers job right. I am talking to my lawyer and we will be sewing you for the rediuclousleyly paint charges...."

Oh my so many places to start...

First, I aint no grammar teacher but I am pretty sure lazie is actually spelled lazy and "hers job right" is exactly how my three year old would say it. If you are going to insult me at least insult me right.

Second, I can't stand people who threaten me with lawyers. Honestly! If your "lawyer" (which I am betting money on the fact you don't even have one) whom probably charges a few hundred dollars an hour would like to represent you regarding a $110 dollar painting charge then please by all means have him contact my lawyer whom is very real.

Third, I have no idea what rediuclousleyly means.

And fourth should I be scared that they are planning to "sew" me? What will they sew me to I wonder???


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