Have you seen...

>> Friday, October 16, 2009

I had a creepy tenant. Who often asked to film "movies" in our lobby. He smelled rather bad and would call me sweetheart. I did not move him in, this was a previous managers work. So when his roommate came pounding on my door late one night saying and I quote "(name) stole my refrigerator! I told you to watch him!"

Seriously?!? Yes, this is my job. How could I forget.

He also explained that this roommate had taken his computer that he just bought him and some other belongings (I don't ask). I was just happy that the creepy guy was gone.

So the other day when the cops show up with a photo line-up and I see the creepy ex-tenant on it I am not shocked. I explained that yes I know this guy, that yes he used to live here and no I don't know where he went I just know he has his roommates refrigerator.
I hope that helped.

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