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>> Wednesday, December 23, 2015

There are two single-sylyable words that, when said together, create the most horrifying term.



Submitted by Tim Smith:

Those are bed bugs that were hiding behind a cross above the bed. 
There is nothing holy about that. 

Submitted by Amanda Truax

"There's a lot of really good reason why I left property management, and this tenant is at the top of the list. He was an eviction, lived in the unit for 10+ years. In all the time, NO ONE had ever been in his apartment. Not one single service request. His unit was my lesson to managers about the importance of regularly inspections."

On the original application the tenant had down he owned a cleaning company. 

AAANNNNDDDD those would be bed bugs smashed on the wall.

"The whole top of the wall, where the wall meets the ceiling, was coated in cobwebs. Cobwebs filled with bed bugs. Did you know spiders are the only natural predator to the bed bug?"  

"…and there were letters he wrote to himself all over the place about "targets" he was stalking. The look on the bailiff's face when I handed him a few pages was priceless."


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Darren Novak May 12, 2016 at 8:15 AM  

wow thats horrible! I wouldn't even be able to go inside.... I has a similar problem earlier this year with a tenant. So i decided to start doing maintenance more often.

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