Fool Me Once, You Suck

>> Thursday, June 26, 2014

I had a tenant announce that she could no longer afford her rent.
She lived in a two bedroom apartment, and had previously lived in a studio on the property for almost two years.
She was only six months into her one year lease on that two bedroom.
I suggested she find someone to take over her lease.
She agreed.
So, when I had someone come in looking for a two bedroom apartment, I put them in contact with her.
For whatever reason, this pissed her off.

Then, when rent day came around and I didn't get her rent, I served her a 3 Day Notice.
This pissed her off even more.
She felt that because she told me she couldn't afford to pay her rent, that it meant she magically didn't have to pay it anymore.
Unfortunate for her, my boss lives in reality, where you pay for the things you have.
This, surprise surprise, pissed her off even more.

I suggested we just transfer her to a studio apartment.
I had a high demand for two bedrooms at the time, and she was a royal pain in my ace.
Long story short, we moved her over to a studio.
She didn't have to pay the lease breaking fee.
She didn't have to find someone to take over her lease.
We just moved her over, leaving me with a more expensive vacant unit.

We kept her security deposit(400), because she left the apartment dirty and had quite a bit of damage for only living there six months.
She called me one night, pissed as can be, because we kept her security deposit.
I explained that in all reality, we did her a great favor by switching apartments.

Tenant: "No, I did you the favor. I couldn't' afford to pay rent anymore, there was nothing you could do about it."

Me: "Uh, we could just evict you and take back possession of the apartment."

Tenant: silence

Me: "Hello?"

Tenant: "Oh, well then....bye."

Six months later....

Tenant: "I want to talk to you about switching to a two bedroom apartment."

Mentally slaps forehead.

But in the words of our former President...

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