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Monday morning I will post the top three finalist for the picture contest.
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I received A LOT of amazing pictures, accompanied by even better stories.
I can't wait to share.

When I first took over the larger of the two properties I managed, I discovered right away that we had a BIG problem....or I should say little problem in BIG numbers. 



Random fact: I worked as a Vet Tech in college. 
So, I know the difference between a house cat and a feral cat. 
And the difference is one is tame and the other is freaking crazy and will claw your eyes out. Literally, I almost lost an eye once. 
No joke. 

The property was overrun with these feral cats. 
And they were breeding. 
One time, a cat crawled under one of the tenants car cover, and had a litter in their backseat. 
Smelled awesome. 

One day, as I was sitting at my desk, I heard a weird noise coming from the patio. 
I looked out the window where I found three kittens crawling up my screen. 
Then sliding down, ripping the screen in the process. 
They were cute little guys, but mean little suckers. 
I called animal control. 
They set a trap and left. 
Two hours later the mother and kittens were all in a cage. 

I called my maintenance man and asked, "Can you please take this cage to the animal shelter?"

That is what I said. 

But apparently, what he heard was, "Hey, can you grab this cage, and then get distracted and accidentally leave it in a vacant unit. Then please close the door to that vacant unit, and leave it for me to find one day later while showing the apartment to a perspective tenant. And make sure that there is kitten crap everywhere, and one pissed off momma cat hissing at me, and one pissed off perspective tenant crying animal cruelty. That would be awesome!"

Ps-the cats were fine
PPS-took four days to air out the apartment
PPPS-took four months to find a new maintenance man 

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