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I have a personal vendetta against door to door solicitors. As a matter of fact, I had a NO SOLICITING sign posted on both office windows, gate to the parking lot, pedestrian gate and office door….until my boss made me tame it down to only three. AND still I would get solicitors sneaking in.

Now, I understand there are perfectly normal, nice, professional and sane solicitors. HOWEVER, when you are couched between the ghetto and the super-duper-ghetto, chances are the dude who looks like he just jumped out of the reservoir, claiming to be selling stereo equipment, probably did just jump out of the reservoir, and is looking to sell stolen goods and or kill you, or both.

Now in my years of management I kicked a lot of solicitors off various properties. I even had to give the Girl Scouts the boot, but I bought about 100 bucks worth of cookies before they left so don't feel too bad for them, feel bad for my butt. Well, I have to say I saw a lot of CRAZIES sneak onto the property, but I never, at least to my knowledge, experienced these sorts of solicitors.

Story submitted by Apartment Manager Erika D.

Well, as I was walking into work I saw a chunky strawberry blonde hair woman wearing a black top, and super duper short black shorts. She used her flirtation skills to butter me up. I am apparently a very beautiful hot woman who she would like to get to know. *grins*. I saw her come from the creekside of the apartment building behind the office first. After her flirtation skills, I observed her getting into her Mercedes SUV (probably stolen) back out, and drive 4 spaces down and park again. 

She walked to one of my other apartments (studio) downstairs. As I informed my staff that I was just hit on by a girl, I turned back around to find her gone. So, I wondered if she broke in. My asst. manager and I walked over to the apartment where I last saw her. The blinds to the patio was open, and low and behold, she was on her knees as my resident was sitting in his chair. 

That was quick!!!!!

I knocked on the door and he quickly answered. I asked him if he knew her. He said "no", she just knocked on his door. As my eyebrow raised and my grin began to emerge, I asked him if he just allows total strangers to come in? He was quite embarrassed. I told him she was making her rounds and that maybe he should tell her to leave. He did so promptly.

OH it doesn't end there. As asst. manager and I walked back to the office, this sales oriented person got into the car and drove around the parking lot; only to stop another prospective buyer. Who confirmed what she was doing. I call my maintenance man and my Asst Manager and I, once again, headed out to make sure she left the property. 

We then see her drive toward the street; but I had a sneaking suspicion she just turned back into the property. Sure enough, I caught her knocking on another door. I approached her and told her to get off my property, and that her "services" were not welcome here. She got defensive and asked me what I was talking about. I told her she was prostituting on my property and that two residents have confirmed it. She got pretty upset. I told her to leave. Trying my hardest not to laugh of course. 

She then claimed to be a process server......that this household always gets served with papers. Yeah right! I told her that I would be more than happy to give my friends at the PD a call and have them come check her story out; she declined. LOL

So just a heads up; there is a new sales technique for this particular girl. Maybe a heads up with the manager's on the street. I mean she drives a Mercedes (again probably stolen) but she looks like she just woke up from sleeping in the creek. And the shorts..????..................way too much exposure.

I love my job! 


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