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>> Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I have a tenant who decided not to pay rent this month. I served her a 3day notice to pay rent or quit and tried calling on several occasions. Finally she gets back to me and her excuse for not paying rent is...
"I was busy"


Like that is a good excuse.

So I tell her to pay her rent that day. Apparently she got to busy and forgot to pay that day or the next. Which now leaves us on the 9th of the month.
I left her another message explaining that I was going to have to send her file over to the lawyer if she does not come in and pay. ALSO, she needed to come in to pay her electric bill that for some reason she decided to cancel and have changed back over to the landlords name. Again when questioned about this she said she was

"To busy to take care of the electric bill so she felt that we should pay it"

Which, again makes perfect sense
(rolls eyes)

Why shouldn't everyone else pay your bills. No one else is busy.

Anyways, she calls me yelling at the top of her lungs so loudly that I can not understand her. I do what I always do when someone is yelling...hang up!
She then called and I picked up and she yelled so I hung up and we proceeded to do this for the next 30 minutes or so when I finally decide to not pick up the phone at all.

Then all of a sudden my cell phone rings! How in the heck she got my cell phone number is beyond me. I picked up and she yelled and I hung up.

Long/annoying/frustrating/infuriating story short

She comes in and pays her rent. Making sure to tell me that I was treating her like a dog!?!

I am not sure how asking someone to pay rent on the apartment that they are renting is treating someone like a dog? But if that is the case I am crossing a dog off my Christmas list because I do enough of that already!

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