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There is a website called This website usually does more harm than good for an apartment complex because people tend to seek this website out to complain rather than to compliment. I was searching near by apartment buildings and I happen to stumble across this review for a complex a few blocks away...

You can go here to see the original
The Manager is the most unorganized ridiculous person I have ever met in my entire life, I have no idea how she can even think that she knows how to run this mess. We gave a 30 day notice stating that we would be moving out at the end of our lease and the manager let us know 3 weeks later that the note was not sufficient. She said she'd call us back and get everything taken care of and never did. ...Living here was like living in a Natzi camp. This is the worst place I have ever lived and they are so unorganized and careless that it will now affect my record forever. The Managers lose your rent and call you at work when there is better things to worry about - Puke had been left on the sidewalk down from our door for 3 WEEKS!!! Kids shoot pellets at your car while it's parked in the garage and no one does anything about it. There are drug dealers and gangs living here, there are careless workers that sweep trash in the garage and they sweep it right under your car to hide it so they don't have to pick it up. ...they just tried to make it look a little better on the outside so they could get attract people that are looking for a nice place and rape them for rent and ruin their life. The location sucks, these apartments suck, they are dirty, old, molding and disgusting. These people DO NOT know how to run an apartment complex and should all go back to elementary school to learn some basics. This is NOT a place for families, it is a place for TRASH!!! If you want to be completely miserable and abosultely HATE where you live, deal with miscommunication, and live in a Natzi Camp, this is the place for you!

There are a few things here that got me

First, is it really fare to compare living in an unorganized apartment complex to a Nazi camp? Honestly! Is it just me or do you find that incredibly disrespectful for the thousands of inncent Jewish people that were tortured and brutally murdered. Did the manager kill this persons entire family, force them to go without food while they did their hard manual labor?

Second, that living at this complex ruined their life. Really? I can think of 100 different things that are WAY worse than having a crappy manager. How about this or maybe this.

Third, the whole rape you for rent....(shaking head)....I can't even go there.

Now I have to say that this apartment complex could be horrible, it could smell, it could have an unorganized manager. There are always two sides to every story and I am going to take a stab in the dark and say that this might have been a difficult tenant who didn't pay rent. Just a guess. Otherwise someone should call Fair Housing/the police about the murdering/raping manager.

BUT honestly. Get some perspective PLEASE.

I bet you this persons manager had no problem telling a little lie on their rental verification form(see post below)

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