First Impression

>> Friday, May 1, 2009

When someone walks into my office it's my turn to SELL SELL SELL. Once the perspective tenant decides that they would in fact like to rent my apartment it is now THEIR turn to sell sell sell. Why you ask?

As a manager you don't want vacancies. But you also don't want to deal with crazy tenants who don't pay rent and cause problems. The later almost always trumps the first. At least a vacant apartment is not going to cost you thousands in lawyer fees, gray hairs and the occasional frantic 9-1-1 call(that story coming later).

So what we often do as managers is have the applicant fill out the application, do a background check, credit check and then check with past landlords and verify their jobs. Even after all this it still can not give you a real clear picture of if this person will in fact be a good tenant. We as landlords rely A LOT on first impressions and that first meeting.

Now here is a list I have made from my own personal experience of what I would say are key signs that this paticular person would NOT make a good renter. Again just based off first meetings....

When a person starts off the conversation with "How much do you charge for NSF checks?" (Non suffiecent funds, basically writting a bad rent check)

When someone shows up with no shirt on. I don't need to see all the tatoos you got in prison.

Creepy old men should not ask how many children live in the complex.

When a large man comes running into the office and says he needs to rent an apartment "RIGHT NOW!" and keeps looking behind his shoulder as if someone is following him.

When you tell someone that you run a credit and background check and they ask if you can just run the credit. Ummm, scary.

When two roomates are looking at an apartment and talking about how many awesome parties they can have here.

When you ask someone why they are moving and they point blank say "I am being evicted"

When someone shows up drunk/high to look at an apartment.

One time I am showing an apartment and someone is looking at the bathroom and full on unzips his pants and starts peeing in the toilet. Oh gee don't mind me standing right here.

When someone says they would like to pay 6 months rent in advance but has to write a check for double the amount so if we could just deposit the check for him and give him the balance that would be I look like I was born yesterday. Honestly!

"I really love the apartment, is there is school near by?"
"Yes there is right around the corner actually."
"Oh I see about how many feet would you say it is?"



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