If you were ever wondering where Judge Judy finds these people....

>> Thursday, April 16, 2009

(If you would like to visualize this conversation please picture me half awake because I was awaken by the knocking on my door, this person in a little nighty that really didn't cover enough...thank goodness I wear contacts and thank goodness they weren't in)

What's wrong??
Person let's call her Mrs. Robinson:Erin, I need your help.
Me:With what
Mrs. Robinson: I am suing my next door neighbors
Mrs. Robinson: Because last night they had sex and it woke me up and I was so disturbed that I couldn't sleep. So I couldn't go to work, because I needed to sleep, and because I didn't go to work I got fired from my job. So, I am going to sue them.

REALLY?? Honestly?? I didn't ask why she felt is was so disturbing, even though I am sure it would have added so much more to this story.

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