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We are all varying degrees of crazy. You know it. I know it. If aliens are in fact spying on us like every bum on Sunset Boulevard says they are, then they know it too. When in public, you hide the crazy in order to conform to what society deems “appropriate” behavior. Some are better at this than others. When you get home, within the confines of walls and away from watchful eyes, you can let your crazy run free without worry of judgment, public persecution or jail time. Home is where you can dance naked. Where you can safely satisfy your strange fetishes. Where you can role-play or engage in conversation with yourself, out loud, about Star Wars or Harry Potter or The Real Housewives of Orange County, and no one will judge you for it.
It doesn’t matter if your home is rented or owned. If your home is an apartment in Compton, a mansion in Beverly Hills or a cardboard box under a freeway overpass—home is where your secrets are held. It’s where you can let your freak flag fly high and proud.
This is what makes my job… interesting.
I am privy to all of it—the freak flags and the secrets. From the innocent ones to the fatal. Whether I want to be or not.
It’s not a job for the thin-skinned, the weak-stomached or the easily-angered.
It is a job for me: the apartment manager.

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What’s another word for garbage collector/concierge/warden/shrink/Adult Daycare director? Apartment manager, of course!
When Cambria Clyne—a single mom down on her luck—gets the job as apartment manager at an L.A. apartment complex, she believes her life is turning around. But between having to talk to the retired couple in Apartment 22 about their loud bedroom “activities” and babysitting the owner’s man-child who lives in Apartment 40, Cambria realizes the job is nothing like she’d imagined.
When crime takes over the community, Cambria adds “detective” to her list of duties, determined to find the criminals terrorizing the residents and threatening her job. Joining her efforts are rival Chase, the gorgeous not-so-handy maintenance man, and Tom, her one-time-love baby daddy. As the case unravels and tensions increase, Cambria finds that perhaps she’s been a na├»ve accomplice all along...


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