It's NOT a User Error

>> Saturday, March 12, 2016

Resident purchased an Æbleskiver maker. 
While making the Æbleskivers, he managed to burn down half his kitchen. 
While the kitchen was up in flames, he ran out of his apartment in search of a fire extinguisher. 
It took several minutes for him to find one. 
Once located, he broke the glass, pulled out the extinguisher, and proceeded to put out the fire. 
Now, this is when I get the call. 
The damage was costly. 
Shocker, he didn't have renters insurance. 
Suddenly, the fire is my fault. 
I don't even know what an Æbleskiver is?
(I do now, thanks, Google) 
It's my fault because he couldn't locate a fire extinguisher. 
So, I took him on a little field trip. 
We took a two step journey out his door, and stared at the bright red box holding the fire extinguisher, labeled "fire extinguisher" in bold hard-to-miss lettering. 
"Oh," was his reaction. 
Five years in that apartment, first time he noticed it. 
He's now suing the Æbleskiver company, because, you know, it couldn't possibly be a user error. 
(My autocorrect was having a field day with

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