Small & Gross Black Dots

>> Wednesday, December 23, 2015

As mentioned previously, I've mostly been having out over on Facebook. 
So glad you asked.
The reason is because there is an app on my phone for Facebook and not one for the blog and I guess I'm lazy…not as lazy as this person though…


"I have a tenant that is ridiculous! Mrs.JK  calls me with the weirdest things to solve. I have been to her apartment multiple times showing her how to work the stove, oven and microwave.  She has had multiple toilet issues also.  I am sure it is just to get attention. 

I received a call from Mrs.JK telling me she had black things hanging from her ceiling and she didn't want to look at them. She asked me to come remove them. I told her it was dust and they were black because she smokes, which by the way is not allowed in this building.  I told her this was her housekeeping problem.  

Mrs. JK leaves me another message a few days later asking if she can borrow a vacuum with a long hose to get those black things off her ceiling.  I ignored this message not wanting to deal with her again. But a few days later she called and told me the black things were moving and it was gross, and she wanted them removed.  

As I was going to give her another 3 day notice for smoking, I complied and went with my long handled duster.  She made me wait for about 5 minutes, calling to me that she was coming, before she finally opened the door.  Mrs.JK was drunk as a skunk and could hardly stand.  She weaved and wobbled back to her couch and then started pointing to all the black things hanging from her ceiling. 

At first I could not even see what she was referring to, but it was as I thought... black dust hanging from the ceiling. She then directs me to each one, which I have to look hard to find and remove. After removing about 12 of these black things I say, "Enough, I'm done!" I wave her 3 day notice, and leave it on the TV stand.  I leave wondering how in the world this woman could be so drunk and yet see all those dust particles on the ceiling… and how did so many collect in a 5 month time she has lived there!"

Apt manager, Mrs.O, from So Calif


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