A Bowl is a Bowl

>> Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Submitted by Kelly K. 
I am an Assistant Property Manager for a relatively small complex in Texas. We have four buildings that are newly built and have all the amenities needed such as dishwashers and garbage disposals. 
We had recently just finished fixing a plumbing issue in one of these buildings, when one of our seldomly seen residents came in to report an issue. 
She said her toilet was clogged up, and would not flush not matter what she did. 
We had just fixed this issue in the entire building, so it was a bit odd that she was having this problem. 
So, we sent our maintenace guy to check it out immediately. 
He called us shortly after entering the apartment to report what he had found. 
The toilet was filled with potatoes, uncooked and chopped into large chunks.


You could tell the resident had tried to force them down the toilet, because a few of them were mashed. 

(You think she used a potato masher or a plunger?)

The resident acted surprised that there were potatoes in her toilet, pointing out that she had a perfectly good garbage disposal, and she would have used that to dispose of them. 

(Uh...we are sure they were mashed potatoes, right?)

She left for work, confused, as the maintenance man went to work unclogging the mashed potato bowl. 
There was a large pot on her counter that had potato remains in it, and we still wonder what she was thinking pouring them in the toilet. 
More so, where did she assume we would think they came from!? 
Her downstairs neighbor!?

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