The Feud of Perm and Sprinkle

>> Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Once upon a time, there were two stores tucked away in a beautiful shopping center located in a desirable Southern California city.

One of the stores catered to those looking for a cold sugary treat.
The other store catered to those who were looking to enhance their appearance.

The owner of the cold sugary treat store went by the name Sprinkle(for the purpose of this blog only).

The owner of the enhancing beautification store went by Perm(see parethesis above)

Now Perm, who had resided in her store for quite some time, was not happy when Sprinkle moved in.
It annoyed her that Sprinkle's customers would stand and eat in front of her store, even if some of Sprinkle's customers were Perm's customers as well.
Sprinkle did not like Perm, because she would yell at his customers when they would eat in front of her store.

The poor shopping center manager, let's call her Patience, had the pleasure of recieving weekly, sometimes daily, complaints from Perm about Sprinkle, and from Sprinkle about Perm.

Not happy with Patience. Perm decided to take matters into her own hands.
She stopped paying the rent until Patience agreed to kick-out Sprinkle and his prosperous business that brought many new customers to the shopping center.
Which makes perfect sense, because if you want someone ELSE to get kicked-out, not paying YOUR rent is the fastest way to make that happen.

When Perm was served court papers, she realized that her approach, while genius, was not going to work in this situation.
So, naturally, she did what any sane person would do next.

She peed in Sprinkle's mailslot.

(apparently Perm needs to drink more water) 

How Perm accomplished this is a technicality that Patience doesn't want to know.


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