I Ain't Payin My Rent

>> Thursday, October 30, 2014

This story comes from a friend.

She manages a 157 unit complex. For over a month they were getting hit hard by a graffiti artists.
Someone was tagging up the laundry rooms, all the a/c boxes, picnic tables etc.
The problem got so bad that her owner, who is also an attorney, wrote a letter to ALL tenants asking for their help in finding out who the culprit was.
He also threatened that any tenant caught defacing the property would be evicted, no exceptions.

The following day the manager found a note in her rent box that read...

"Dear (managers name spelled terribly wrong, but in this person's defense, she has a common name spelled with two silent letters in it),

I ain't paying no rent this month because you are a racist. Threatening to evict us cuz of our graffiti is *&^%$&-up and illegal. Just so you know it is gonna get a lot worse."

Then they signed it, with their first name, last name and apartment number.


Not sure how the eviction of someone defacing private property is racist.
I'm also wondering if this tenant knew he was writing a letter of confession.

Regardless, he was served the eviction papers that day.

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