Excuse Me?!

>> Thursday, April 16, 2009

Here is a good one I can't take credit for...thanks to Devyn

Currently I have over 7 vacancies in a 60 unit building. Over 10% vacancies = unhappy boss=no bonus. So I decided to start working on Sundays to help get some of these vacancies moving. I had a beautiful couple come in that were expecting their first child and wanted a quiet place to start their family(music to any landlords ears). I walked them to the back apartment while up talking how clean and quiet and safe this complex is. They loved the grounds, the townhouse style apartments, I was having one of those moments where my inner saleswoman was resurfacing and all I could think about was the commission that I desperately needed from this....and then I unlock the door!

As soon as I smelled the odor I should have walked to a different apartment. Everyone made a face acknowledging the odor but not saying anything out loud. As we walk upstairs I think I hear water running, we walk toward the bathroom and there he was in all his glory. A homeless man taking a shower and don't worry there was no curtain on this shower. So all we saw was this extremely harry homeless man washing away. I wasn't exactly sure how to recover from such a devastating sight so I simply walked back down the stairs. The couple didn't say much even after I offered to show them a different unit. Much to my surprise they decided not to rent the apartment.

As soon as they left I picked up my phone to call the police when the homeless man walks into the office. I turned around and before I could say anything he says and I quote "it is rude to walk in on someone in the shower $$%&#" then he says "the world will end in 72hours, good bye and good luck" and then storms out leaving his stench behind(apparently it takes more than one shower to rid the homeless smell).

Seriously Devyn?!? You should have just told them that this is such a good clean and nice area that even the homeless are well groomed.

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